I'm an Illustrator and Graphic designer from Latvia. I workout of my sunny Riga studio in Latvia and on projects all over the world as well as create beautiful illustrations and designs for wall art. My design style is clean with a touch of quirk, fashionable works in contemporary colour blocks and patterns or       handwritten texts. 
I have a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design (UK) as well additional education in Fashion Illustration, Collage and Photography (all UK). My biggest inspiration is nature and environment around me as well as places I travel to. I get excited about different cultures, great food, interiors and architecture as well how people dress and express themselves. I often doodles on my I pad or using other exiting medias such as collage. I develop ideas further on computer, play with composition, arrangement and elements that are transformed elegantly into wall art. 
& in shops:
IMPERFEKT | Gertrudes Str. 23, Riga, Latvia
MANILLA | Baznicas Str. 37, Riga, Latvia
HEMMA | Kr. Valdemara 76-1A, Riga, Latvia
 KUULD | Baznicas Str. 27, Kuldiga, Latvia

For price inquiries CONTACT ME or EMAIL me: linda.gobeta@gmail.com
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