Rita from femmefarfalle.com : working with Linda was very successful and easy, that was no doubt from the beginning. Almost from half a word we understood each other, very quickly new additional designs were created for the blog. Linda not only hears clients wishes but also gives her unique vision, so that you would be one step ahead which is very important nowadays.
Aiva from La Tone (www.shoplatone.com): It was a real pleasure and excitment to work together with Linda. She has a very artistic imagination and she can realy think "out of the box". I enjoyed her company because of her truly bright soul and ideas that came from her. These people are hard to find, so I was very lucky to work with her during LA TONE projects!
Laura from Taada.Aada: Linda’s design are fresh and modern, and her style is very unique. She mixes illustrations with catchy texts and that is what we were looking for. Fun, bright, pastel colours mixed with cool patterns is definitely Linda’s thing. It was easy to work with her, as she is very precise, fast-responding and positive person!
Andis from Seis Agency: Linda has been our go-to designer for most of our creative projects. We love her and our clients love her even more. We think that her best asset is communication. Firstly, her designs give exactly the message that we want. On top of that, she is always up to date with what's new in the design world, so you can be assured that whatever she designs for you will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Secondly, her communication is very clear. You always know what and when you're going to get. This gives us trust to recommend her as the designer for our clients' projects.
Dace from Sagitta: It was a real pleasure to work with Linda. She is not only an attentive listener, but also able to use her senses and instincts  to deliver the best possible solution for the client. I really liked that she had also her own take on things and she pays great attention to the details. Whole story into one graphic! Linda, thanks a lot for the great job! I will definitely use your creativity in the future projects!
Evija & Inga from Ecattus: We are very happy about the fact Linda was making design for our web page. We really enjoyed the working process, creative meetings, discussions and the most importantly the result. Finishing one project we are continuing cooperating and we are truly happy about that. Linda is not only a talented Designer but she also works fast un precisly. We definatelly suggest to meet her!
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